RISD Admissions


RISD Admissions


Undergraduate site: multiple phases from 2017 to 2021
Graduate site: multiple phases from 2018 to 2021
Print and digital collateral: multiple projects from 2016 to 2021

Identity, Website, Print, Motion, Social Media
Creative Direction by Huy Vu
Art direction by Jordan Gushwa, Micah Barrett
UI/UX Design by Jay Marol, Jordan Gushwa, Chris Swift
Frontend and Backend Development by Jay Marol, Ruben Rodriguez and Teddy Bradford
Editorial by Lauren Maas

The RISD Admissions office has worked closely with RISD Media Group for more than a decade to align marketing materials to the institutional brand. Through this partnership, Media Group produced a wide range of collateral including websites, viewbooks, brochures, posters, videos, motion graphics, and social media graphics. The undergratuate materials use bright colors and bold, large typographic treatments aimed at a younger audience. The graduate materials use a more muted color palette and reserved type styles to convey rigor and maturity.

As part of the team, I worked on many of print and digital materials, but my primary role was in designing and developing the undergraduate and graduate study sites. For both websites, I took the project from initial interviews and discussions with the Admissions teams to the final content management system-driven website outputs.

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