Valuing justice

The 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and collective action by the students of RISD pushed the school to take its stance on social justice more seriously. In the RISD Media Group, I advocated for an audit of our processes and an implementation of anti-racist practices. This led our team to have weekly conversations about race and justice and how the work could embody those ideas.
As a subsequent phase, I was successful in advocating for a collective reading of Sasha Costanza-Chock’s Design Justice, expanding the group of participants to include various other offices in the school. I organized a few volunteers from the group to facilitate smaller discussion groups, and worked through the book over a few months.

This culminated in a workshop with Sasha and Shey Rivera Ríos where we imagined futures for the institution and moved towards tangible changes we could make to get there.

Below are a few screenshots from meetings and conversations we engaged in.

© Mrityunjay Marol