Teaching tools

The team at the RISD Media Group consisted of designers, writers and PR strategists, who had historically worked in their individual silos. As the team expanded, I pushed the design leadership to advocate for a more collaborative working environment. As this push gained some momentum, we started implementing various project management tools and new ways of working to the team. The idea was to empower the team to collaborate more freely. As we introduced these new tools over the years I realized that we needed to first develop a shared vocabulary around our work and to create learning structures specific to the technological comfort of the various team members. 

Figma is a design tool we introduced to the team in 2020 because of its real-time, collaborative editing capabilities. It became an important part of the design process, so in order to increase internal buy-in, I created documentation that outlines specific software and general design vocabulary, along with some basic tutorials to get people started. This, accompanied by group and one-on-one learning sessions, empowered many of the non-designers on the team to participate more comfortably in the design process.

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