Searching for happiness

For my final project in the Graphic Design BFA program at RISD, we were given a little over a semester to articulate a thesis, research it, and produce a designed output. Through a lot of dialogue with my peers around our creative values as makers, I chose to pursue an exploration of happiness rather than a more traditional graphic design project like a rebrand or a typeface. I felt a lack of focus in the department on the emotional impact of art and design, and wanted to investigate that space. Through experiments in form and medium, I landed on a series of videos of myself performing ephemeral acts of joy over long periods of time. The dystopian experience of being alone in a dark room, with a camera watching me exhaust myself performing these acts of happiness repeatedly, lent itself well to a critique of consumerism and propaganda; however I felt unable to articulate that clearly at the time. If I were to work on this project again I would spend more time building context and narrative around the collection of videos, while making sure the emotional core of the project stayed intact.

watch the videos here

© Mrityunjay Marol