Building systems

In 2015, our small team of a couple of a few writers, a couple of designers, and one part-time developer and took on the task of moving RISD’s website onto a more contemporary content management system. Our relative inexperience with a website of this size to a lot of challenges while collaborating and ultimately resulted in the implementation of a functional, but rigid system. This year the website is being moved on to the Drupal CMS, and in anticipation of the flexibility that would afford, I pulled together the existing UI landscape into an easy to use Figma library. This currently allows both designers and non-designers on our team to quickly pull together wireframes, mockups and prototypes, and will allow for incremental design changes in the future. Through the past few years of working with the team I found that the designers, including myself, were often a bottleneck preventing my colleagues from prototyping changes quickly. I’ve been working toward making the design process more accessible and this library is one manifestation of that work.

Below are different stages of the development of this library.

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