Aiding community resources

The Nature Lab at RISD is a magical space filled with taxidermy, plants, microscopes and wonderful people who are always excited to help with research. The RISD Media Group started working with the lab to build their website in 2014, and I became heavily involved in its design and development when I joined the team in 2015. This is still one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on, as the folks at the lab trusted us to build them something beautiful and we managed to expand the project scope drastically on the foundation of that trust. The longer timeframe allowed me to build real relationships with the Nature Lab community, and allowed me to really understand what they wanted the website to do. We wanted to capture the almost overwhelming feeling of walking into the space while also giving them the tools to make events, resources, research initiatives and student work more visible. The value of working with caring people who are excited about their area of focus cannot be overstated.

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