I’m Jay Marol (he/him), a graphic designer, artist and musician currently based in Providence, RI. I moved here from Bangalore, India in 2011 to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design at RISD, worked at RISD as an in-house designer for 6 years, and am currently a freelance designer.

My time in the US has led me to confront my race and class identities, especially as a brown person who has spent so much time within a largely white art institution and industry. I have challenged myself to deeply question the work I have done for the past few years and the value of the design industry as a space for social and political transformation. I am currently trying to shift the trajectory of my life towards the liberation of those oppressed by capitalism and imperialism, hoping that a creative practice has a place in that future.

If you would like to chat about music, community, socialism, or my work, email me at jay@jaymarol.com.

You can find my resume here.
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