RISD Alumni Weekend


RISD Alumni Relations


October 2016 (annual)

Identity, Website, Motion, Print, Social Media
Art Direction by Micah Barrett, Huy Vu
UI/UX Design by Jay Marol
Frontend and Backend Development by Jay Marol, rubén rodríguez
Print and digital collateral design by Jay Marol, Chris Swift, Seojoo Han
Editorial by Jay Marol, Simone Solondz, Rob Albanese

RISD’s alumni weekend went through a rebrand in 2016, with a name change from “RISD By Design” to a simple ”RISD Weekend”. The design system around the new name treated the space between ”RISD” and ”Weekend” as a container for information, witty copy, and images, and worked well in a variety of formats and media.

My primary role was designing and developing the website, while assisting with producing various print collateral. The plan was to simply change the primary color each year, and the website was set up to make that easy. The poster campaign involved many variations of text and image, so I built InDesign files that could quickly generate those variations through data-merges and scripting.

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