RISD Nature Lab


RISD Nature Lab


April 2017

Website, Identity
Art Direction by Micah Barrett
UI/UX Design by Jay Marol, Micah Barrett
Photography by Jay Marol, Micah Barrett, Chris Swift, Jo Sittenfeld, Matthew Clowney
Frontend and Backend Development by Jay Marol, rubén rodríguez, Micah Barrett

RISD Nature Lab is a wonderful resource that gives students unmediated access to living and non-living specimens for artistic and scientific study. As part of RISD Media Group, I was one of the main developers for the website, and was intensely involved in the site design and photography of the specimens. In the years that followed the launch of the site, I was the point of contact for any design and functionality changes to the site, and formed a great working relationship with the Nature Lab team through that process.

The project required two main tasks: capturing the magical experience of walking into a lively space filled with natural history specimens, and promoting the scientific inquiry at the core of the lab‘s pedagogy. We accomplished this with extensive photography of the space and the specimens, while using typography and color to capture the scientific rigor. Furthermore, we created a content management experience that allowed the lab to easily update the site with events and articles.

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