RISD Interim Identity Ecosystem




From 2016 to 2021

Website, Social Media, Print
Creative Direction by Micah Barrett, Huy Vu
UI/UX Design by Jay Marol, Micah Barrett, Sam Potts, Carrie Miller
Print Design by Jay Marol, Jordan Gushwa, Chris Swift
Frontend and Backend Development by Jay Marol, rubén rodríguez, Teddy Bradford
Editorial by Liisa Silander, Rob Albanese, Simone Solondz

Prior to the more official 2022 RISD rebrand, RISD Media Group was incrementally updating existing brand guidelines to give the institution a more of a contemporary feel. Overhauls to the main institutional website in 2014-15, when the content was migrated from a proprietary software to Webhook CMS (a Firebase content-management system), and in 2019 when the content was migrated again to Drupal CMS, demanded major evolution of the site design. These bigger changes were accompanied by updates to various satellite websites, social media templates, presentation templates, and internal documents.

My role on the team from 2015-2020 led to my involvement in all of these efforts, both as a designer and a web developer. I pushed heavily for simple reusable design elements (website modules), and for the implementation of actual templates (email, InDesign) and tooling (Figma) to help wrangle the sprawling system. Below, you can see snapshots of various stages of that process.

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