Jacobin AV




February 2024

Website, Identity, Social Media
Identity Design by Jay Marol
UX/UI Design by Jay Marol
Creative Direction by Remeike Forbes
Development by Remeike Forbes, Keyian Vafai

Jacobin magazine produces weekly video broadcasts and podcasts, and needed a sub-brand for the section of their site hosting this content. Using the triangle guillotine graphics of their identity, I pulled together a graphic system based on the visuals of sound waves, specifically sawtooth waves. The triangles in the zigzag graphics correspond to the number of words and characters per word in the content titles.

I designed the identity and how it played out across the various pages with the creative direction of Remeike Forbes. I additionally developed a script for the site to automatically generate the zigzag graphics, and built out Illustrator templates for the other designers to be able to quickly create new graphics.

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