Jacobin Artist Database




February 2024

Website, Identity
Identity Design by Jay Marol
UX/UI Design by Jay Marol
Creative Direction by Remeike Forbes
Backend Development by Remeike Forbes
Frontend Development by Remeike Forbes, Keyian Vafai, Jay Marol

The designers at Jacobin work with a lot of artists to illustrate their beautiful magazine, and built a database tool to help the process of finding artists to commission. I used the graphic language of early digital tools and file-system aesthetics to create an identity and flexible design language for this database. The website required quite a few types of information on most pages, as well as multiple ways to navigate and edit the content, so a clear system with minimal design moves suited it best.

I designed the identity, UX and UI for most of the pages on the site with the creative direction of Remeike Forbes. I assisted the development of the site by creating the dark mode styles in their Elm codebase.

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