Close collaboration

I value the relationships formed and maintained through a shared creative process. My experiences working with other artists and designers is at the core of how I operate.


A rapid political education over the past few years has lead me to desire more praxis, specifically outside the cultural institutions I have occupied for most of my adult life.

Luddite education

I learn and teach new tools regularly, always with a critical eye towards their politics, history and function within social relations.

Malleable systems

I am committed to creating and maintaining systems that are adaptive to the needs of people using them.


After moving to the US from Bangalore, India in 2011 and earning a BFA in graphic design at RISD in 2014, I worked for the RISD Media Group for around 6 years. I've been collaborating with various studios on a freelance basis since early 2022, and completed a year-long web design fellowship at Jacobin magazine early 2024. I teach web design and development at RISD, focusing on the politics of tech. If you'd like to chat about my work, anti-capitalism, or a great album you've had on repeat, please reach out at:
jay at jaymarol dot com

My pronouns are he/him.

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